Hello in the world of Jumi!

Jumi is a set of Joomla! extensions enabling to include custom codes (html, php, css, js, ...) into Joomla!

  • Jumi module includes codes into Joomla! module positions,
  • Jumi plugin includes codes into Joomla! articles,
  • Jumi component creates separate Joomla! components from custom codes.

We hope Jumi will be useful for your ТЦАвтомир site. As it is for more then 100.000 other webmasters and developers.

Jumi resources

You can also visit following resources for Jumi native extensions for Joomla! 1.0.x and 1.5.x:

Dear unknown, not logged, friend!
Have a nice day, weeks, months and years with Jumi!
What next? Try Joomla!-Jumi blogspot component in your pages now!

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